Performance characteristics/differences in different color resins

Is there a matrix of mechanical and finish qualities for the different resins? This would greatly help with deciding which resin is most appropriate for specific applications. I have seen the Technical Data sheet for Clear online, but there wasn’t anything more for the colored resins and it did not go beyond standard strength tests.

Sharpness, surface finish, hardness, strength characteristics, etc are what I am curious about.

After looking at PreForm, I noticed there are:
Clear 01 and 02
White 01
Grey 01 and 02
Black 01

Castable 01
Flexible 01
(these two are self-explanatory)


@David_Miller, I don’t think there is an actual sheet available, but perhaps you could be more specific? As far as I have noticed, there isn’t/shouldn’t be any difference in finish quality on the parts as the laser settings are calculated and set based on which resin you select in Preform so it knows which resin is in the tank. Strength/hardness overall is (when cured properly) comparable with PLA/ABS.

I don’t know the difference between Grey 1 & 2 as I still have 1.

Sharpness is obviously subjective as it fully depends on the part you’re printing. Unless you mean something else with sharpness?

@David_Miller — the material properties for our colored resins are very similar to those for our clear. We haven’t yet formally tested their properties (as far as I know), so we only distribute the clear datasheet—but it should be fairly close.

You may get a good sense of our surface finish, sharpness, and quality, by browsing around the photos on our website or in our applications section. You can also request a sample part and see for yourself.

@Sam_Jacoby - Thanks for the reply. The application section on is great. Definitely influenced my purchase (and is always nice to be inspired by the work curated there. I had just seen a few posts about using certain colors for sharper details (maybe black) due to the pigment (or something) stopping the laser from curing adjacent voxel volumes. Is that correct or just conjecture?

@Alex_Vermeer - Thanks, I was just meaning sharpness and general qualities as mentioned (strength, i.e. Y is stronger than X, but X gets better detail, et cetera…)

Ah, that’s true. Black is designed to perform somewhat better with finer details. I don’t know how that’s technically achieved, but you’re probably on the right track. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ve quantified those results.

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