Used all colors? What are the results?

Just wondering if anyone owns all the colors and has tested the same item on the same settings for all the colors… None of my items are color dependent. All so far have been bound to be painted, or become master patterns. Color does not matter in the slightest. For now I am not likely to get clear or flexible as I can’t think of a need for me to get them.

I am wondering if any color produces better results than the other. If no owner has maybe Form Labs has run such tests.


Well my F1+ has fairly bad laser flare - and so far out of V2 grey, V2 clear, and Black - only Black is giving me usable results.

I’ve not started the support dialogue with FL yet about my laser flare, because I want to fully understand it first - it could be that my quality issues qualify me for a replacement, so my experience may not be a fair comparison.

The descriptions of the resins here: give a little bit of detail into their subtle differences (e.g. black prints slightly slower, but fine details show up more clearly). You can also compare the print time effects of resin color in your own parts by using the print time estimator in PreForm.

I really like using black resin, but if you’re planning on painting your parts grey may be a good choice.

Our grey resin has a neutral color that highlights the fine resolution and surface finish of your parts, perfect for general purpose prototyping and design.

Have used all the traditional 4 colours and the red and green from makerjuice (those came out good as well). If you are going to paint then I’d go for white or grey