Resin print speeds

I’ve noticed that certain resins print at vastly different speeds. Black, for example seems to be several hours longer for the same prints in a different colour. Does anyone have any tests they have done to see which resin has what properties in this regard? For what I am interested in (dental work) speed is for more crucial than colour. The models are going to get destroyed anyway.


I am dental tech, what do you make?dental models?

I haven’t noticed a big differnece between castable and clear resin, but I only print Framework for now.

The last firmware speed up the things a little with the thinner supports.

I also use 1mm base when possible, this saves a lot of time…


Hi David

Yes, we print models for making appliances on later. I did a few test prints last week and it seemed that to print in black was pushing upwards of 13 hours for a full build platform. However, if I changed the resin in Preform to white it dropped to 6 hours. Only problem is I don’t have any white resin or a spare build tray to try it.

You should order white or grey…I read on the forum tat less pigmentation less cure time.
I will order grey to print dental models and make crown bridges.

The Form printer’s laser is always running at the same power output level. The resins however need different amounts of Laser power to cure when printed. The printer accomplishes this by moving the laser spot faster or slower to reduce or increase curing “power”. As a result, as you have observed, resins that need less power to cure print quicker, and on a large model it can make a significant difference in overall print time.

Clear requires the least amount of power if I remember right. Someplace I have a document that shows the laser power required by each of the FL resins. But I can’t find it. If you can find it, though, whichever resin is on the far left of the chart is the one that needs the least power to cure and would be the one to choose for the fastest print times.

Hi Randy - just wanted to share a quick clarification and point out that the Form 1, 1+, and 2 all do have the ability to adjust the laser power and this is something that we account for in designing and testing the print settings for each resin and layer height. Different resins and layer heights use different power outputs. This is all about maintaining the maximum laser power for the fastest possible prints. We know speed is important!

Also, the location on the build platform can affect the print speed. The thing that affects the speed the most is the number of layers, since the layer separation process can often be longer than the time it takes to cure a layer.

Good to know!

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