Will using gray setting on clear resin increase/decrease the print quality?

I don’t know if the gray setting may cure the resin more than in clear setting,  I wonder if I use gray setting on clear resin, will it increase the quality of print or decrease it?  I have just tried in preform, using gray setting actually has shorter print time than clear setting, so I guess the gray setting may shorter the cure time too? I am not sure, I just want to know the difference on curing between these two settings, and if some one has tried using gray setting on clear resin before, could you please let me know if it increase the print quality? I really want to use gray setting if it can cure the resin more and thus avoid warping which bother me most now.

Hi Lock,

Based on my experience, I got better results printing using the grey setting with the clear resin. But then, I think form labs released an update to fix that issue. But if you want more detail, I would print using the grey resin and the grey setting.

Thank you Monger, since Formlabs updated the preform, then I have no need to try grey on clear resin now…

I don’t see obviously print time difference in Preform using these two setting, so they are very similar? I used to believe the gray resin needs more time to cure, but when I calculated the print time in Preform, grey setting actually took more time than clear setting, it is very strange for me.