Minimize print time

I was so excited to see the new 0.2 setting - and the faster printing it produces - since I’m in the middle of creating dozens of test prints- but then so disappointed since the news release didn’t mention it’s only for clear - a resin I don’t particularly care for (and thus use grey). I hope there is soon to be a 0,2 setting for the other resins, even if surface quality suffers a little, in my case I can live with that. I did see a feature request for something like 0.2 internal and (say) 0.1 on the surface, a good balance. However until something like this appears:

I have noticed that a lot of time (and resin) goes into the supports. I’ve also noticed that the Preform optimized positioning pretty much maximizes both of these, which as I remember is this way to maximize surface quality, something I don’t need for draft/prototype prints. I also noticed if I change the angle, basically lowering it to reduce the support height I can get a nice reduction in both. I haven’t tried to print it yet, but I got a 1/3 decrease in print time on one of my models.

So that is a long winded introduction to the question: If I bring the model down from the recommended orientation do I risk print failure? Any other downside?



It is important to angle prints for a few reasons. First, when you angle a part, you often reduce the area of each layer. When layer area decreases, the process is far more reliable. Secondly, when you angle a part, you limit help the resin drain off the part after each layer is printed. If there are flat areas, resin can pool up, and cause details to be lost.

If your parts print fine when you position it flatter or even completely flat to the built plate, then you can totally print like this.

Hope this helps!

Yes it does, thx! I’m only lowering it in one direction so the object is still tilted along multiple axis. Should sill drain. Will give it a shot next print.