Differences between resin types

This is kind of interesting, though I grant it may not be particularly surprising.

If I print the exact same model (roughly 120 mL and ~1500 layers) in white and black resin, the black resin requires perhaps 1% more support material and takes an astonishing 7 hours longer to print (22 rather than 15 hours).

I don’t have a good apples-to-apples comparison with clear or draft, but I might convince myself to print a clear one just to see (you’d naturally expect draft to be much faster).

Black needs more total power to cure (due to the black pigment absorbing more light, as opposed to the white one), and maybe there are also considerations of total power per unit volume and time to avoid locally over-heating the resin.


That’s probably true. I wasn’t complaining, really. Just noting the difference.