Printer tanks is unused message over and over

Im using a tough cartridge with a new tank. The tough cartridge was used only for a few prints with an old tank that broke. Now it doesnt matter how many prints i do on that new tank i still get that message and it says “Tank unused”

Hey there @Joaquinpicci,

Thanks so much for taking the time to post here. Sorry to hear you’re seeing some odd tank behaviors!

We would expect that “Tank Unused” message to appear on the first use, but not after that, so there’s definitely something weird going on.

Please contact our support team at the link below and we’d be happy to investigate a little further for you!

As far as things you can check in the meantime. It would be valuable for us to know whether you’re only seeing this error on this one specific tank.

Thanks so much! Hopefully we can get this sorted out for you as efficiently as possible.!

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