"Printer's tank is missing"

Hey all…again. I’ve been running into this error every single time I print something now. Doesn’t matter which tank I’m using I have to reinsert it about 20 times and cross my fingers to get it to “connect”. I’ve had the printer for a year and never had this problem so I’m guessing the sensor is starting to wear on the printer. Once I finally get it to register I’m able to print but the moment I lift the hood it disconnects then I’m back to square one for my next print.

has anyone else ran into this?

Well I thought my other tanks were doing the same thing but after more testing it turns out it is just this particular tank.

Yep this is a common problem for me. The ‘sensor’ is three strips of brass on the right hand side of the tray support frame. These can get distorted and covered with a film of resin, so it’s important to keep them clean. There are also two conductive pads underneath and on the wiper side of the tray, again these should be kept clean. I wiper these pads with a glass fibre pencil to make sure they are clean.

I agree that it is certain trays that have the problem, and it’s usually those trays that have been emptied after a failed build that I have most problems with.

Thanks for responding Bill. After even more testing I ran into again with several other tanks. The thing that is really confusing me is why it goes “missing” the moment I pop the hood. I also continually clean both sensors so I’m not sure what the deal is anymore.

I’d like to hope the new tank design will be better all around but they keep pushing back the release date…

I’ve never been able to work this out. But maybe opening the cover breaks a connection that is difficult to re-make. Perhaps it points to the problem being with that switch rather than the tray switch.

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