Lost Tank half way through print!

I’ve had recurring issues with my form 2 not recognizing the tank once it’s in place, often i can just jiggle it around a little and find a way to line em up so it’s all gravy.
I ran a print last night and when i went to check on it this morning, the printer had stopped about 1/3 of the way through the print and said that there was no tank inserted!
i’ve had issues with this printer recently as well with the tank overflowing (i’ve always cleaned it up completely before starting a new project)
Has anyone else had this happen?

You have to make sure the contacts are clean. There is a brass three pronged switch on the tray carrier that can be wiped with a paper towel. There is also a contact on the bottom of the tray. This I clean with a 2mm glass fibre brush similar to this one

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