Tank Cartridge Mismatch (again)

So we went through this entire thing with our previous Form 2 (brand new) it was giving us cartridge mismatch errors, we went through the new cartridge floor replacement, still didn’t solve it, and this is our replacement printer… It printed several liters worth without issue, now it too has repeating cartridge mismatch errors! FormLabs, I am not currently happy! This is a brand new printer, with brand new cartridges!

Did Formlabs ever reply to your post? Curious because I am reloading a white cartridge and tank
previously used and now my printer doesn’t recognize the 2 at all.

I am sending it in for them to do a direct repair. (Which we didn’t try before). Hopefully their own repair guys can figure out what the hell is going on.

I use to have those mismatch errors very often. With LT tanks they’re finally gone.

We had cartridge removed / cartridge mismatch errors with our previous printer with regular resin tanks, and now we have the LT and we get the same exact errors on a new printer :frowning:

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