New tank not recognised

Hi all,

I just put a completely new tank in my Form 3 and the Form 3 thinks there’s no tank at all.

The tank does have the little ?RFID? or whatever that circuitry is, so I don’t see an elementary reason for the tank to not be acknowledged.

Anyone have this problem before?

It’s been over 5 months since my last print. In that time the printer has been covered-up, and it’s had a few firmware updates.

remove the tank, give the tabs in the rear left corner a wipe with IPA then reinstall it. Gently press down on the rear left corner if it doesn’t detect it.


After your suggestion and talking with Formlabs tech support I found a solution.

Basically I just pushed the tank in with more force than usual. After a big push, it was detected.

Kind of strange, because usually the tank is detected when it “snaps in” place. But this one required a little more.

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