Form3 "Tank Missing" message

I just received my Form3 today. Setup went somewhat smoothly. Connected to my WiFi network (took a number of tries), took 2 tries to update to the latest firmware (after an initial error message).

The issue that I’m having is both the Form3 and Preform show the “Tank Missing” message. I’ve reseated the tank multiple times. I’ve also rebooted. I’ve cleaned the contacts with a cotton swab and IPA. Nothing I’ve done fixes the issue. Naturally, I’m hesitant to proceed further. I submitted a support request.

Does anyone here have any experience/advice to share?

I’ll answer my own question. After more failed reseating attempts, I went back and watched the Form3 Tank Handling video. I had watched it before, but it’s been a while. The correct technique requires an extra little push toward the rear. That worked for me and my tank is now recognized.

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David, I had the same problem when I first got mine, you need conviction to push it in.

Absolutely! But with a brand new Form3, it was a little hard to overcome my trepidation that I might break something. Now, I preparing to do my 1st test print.

Same thing happened to me. A little nudge to the back is all it took ;-).

Thanks so much for this tidbit. I was having the same issue. Was super nervous about pushing this tank but got the courage after reading your post. I’m back in business! :slight_smile:

I’m having trouble with one tank “tank missing”, all others work, just purchased another form 3 so I thought i would try it in that one, it worked but after the first firmware update it did not detect that same tank anymore. The issue has nothing to do with not seating properly, the tray is pushed all the way back. the other trays are detected a long way out. The contacts are clean on the machine and the tank.

Anyone else have this issue?

Having the same problem today. I am very sure the tank is in position. Multiple restarts, I have tried everything. Waiting for support. Ordered another tank as well.

Same here, everything was working smoothly until I did the update with 3.15.1, and the missing tank error start to pop up…

This isn’t the first time I did an update and something. Went wrong. Formlab really need to test everything before sending out update day after day

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More data in case it can point readers in the right direction: We also have a Form 3B that was working fine for months. It’s been offline for a while, but now we’re bringing it back into production. We updated the firmware to the latest as of today (v1.12.2) as part of the re-setup process, and then discovered that it failed to detect a brand new unused v2.1 tank despite multiple reboots, power cycles, re-insertions of the tank, and even carefully cleaning the EEPROM ID contacts on both the tank and the printer with an alcohol wipe.

We hooked up a computer locally via USB and used PreForm to roll back to the last release (v1.11.7 as of today), and BAM! The tank was detected immediately and everything is back up and running.

No idea why, but if you have the same problem, try a firmware downgrade.

I’m having the same issue with V2.1 tanks… with the previous rev. of the firmware (v1.11) I had no issues programming a tank but now it is not detecting two brand new V2.1 tanks. Is there any way around this without a firmware downgrade?