Form 3: Resin tanks (2 of 5) not recognized

Hi, I’m still very new to using the Form 3 and SLA printing. Thus I apologize in advance if I’m overseeing something very obvious.

I have a Form 3 which is running the latest Firmware to date (18.05.2021, FW:rc-1.12.2-672). Currently I have 5 tanks (a mix of V2 & V2.1), three of these (again a mix of V2 and V2.1) are working perfectly fine. The remaining two (again a mix of V2 and V2.1) are not recognized by the machine.

Here is what I’ve tried so far:

  • Inserting and removing the tanks several times > 20. But neither one of the tanks was ever recognized.
  • I’ve cleaned the electronic contact points on the Form 3 and the tanks with a paper towel and alcohol. But this also did not help. I also feel confident that the tanks are making electrical contact as one can see very slight abrasive marks on the golden contact patches of the tanks
  • I’ve restarted the machine

I also feel confident that I’m inserting the tanks correctly as the other three tanks are recognized without any problems.

I would be very grateful for any advice.


I also had a similar issue, 3 out of 5 brand new tanks were not detected by my Form 3. I contacted Formlabs support and the faulty tanks were replaced.