Printer shows last print job, NOT the new job sent to it

Using the latest firmware on my Form2 I notice that the printer display creates a situation where the user can (I have) printed the last part/file again…instead of the latest print file sent to the printer.

The printer should when sent a new print job: Display that job as the ‘ready print’ job.

Instead the printer screen still shows the last print job screen with the ‘Print’ button. I asked one of our team to press the ‘Print’ button after sending the job…and after 6 hours we discovered that it printed the previous printed job.

This is a trivial code fix and one of those nuisances that diminishes the customers ‘delight’ with the product…not to mention wasting resin and time…

Hmm, what you’re describing should be typical behavior. If a print is uploaded while a job is currently running, that print will be ‘queued’ and show up next in the list. If you continue noticing this, let me know so that we can look into it.

To clarify…the printer is idle…it’s not printing…

Gotcha, if you upload a job while the printer is idle, it should likewise display that job as ‘ready to print’ or have it as first in the print list. If you continue noticing this not to be the case, let me know so that I can get in touch with our development team.

So I have just encountered the same thing and I think I know what’s going on.

I was cleaning the area after a print and I also fiddled with the touchscreen (I like manually deleting some files in order to keep some older files available). While doing that I may have left the last job informations displayed, such that when uploading a new job the printer didn’t automatically “return to main menu” to display the new job, it kept displaying the older one (with the “print now” button available). When touching the “return” arrow I got back to the “main” screen and the new job was indeed displayed with the “print now” button.

I hope you get what I mean… I think that by forcing the printer to leave the current screen when a new job has been uploaded will solve @C6Systems’s issue, but it will also create the issue that if you are fiddling with the settings WHILE uploading a print, it will kick you out and return to the main screen once the upload is done, which can be annoying too.

Yes and thank you. I agree this is likely how I encountered the problem. i’d like to see the firmware be updated to make the currently downloaded print job the most current, or at least when the new job download is complete…the touchscreen immediately displays the ‘new’ print as the ‘ready print’ job.

Further, I don’t think most users would send a job, while the unit is printing…which is a scenario that the programmers might be tripping over to make this situation cleaner in implementing.

Not complain, but we ran out of resin on our needed job, because of an accidental print of an older job…wasting resin.

I too have seen this issue… it is an annoyance in an otherwise annoyance free process. When the printer is idle, if a new job is sent to it, that is not the job that will be shown on the screen. It constantly shows the previous job, in order to print the new file you’ve got to hit buttons and find it.

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