Print again should print last print started, not last print finished

It always happens. A print fails, and you press reprint, and find out a day later that you printed the last successfully printed job, not the one that failed. This is just plain STUPID. Rep Rap does the same thing, but I just dont know why. Maybe Formlabs can find a way to help us from wasting resin printing things we dont really want to by actually reprinting the last print, not some other one from the past.


Every uploaded print is visable on the screen in 3D. Why not taking another 3 seconds and verify that the presented print is the one you want to print?

yes, and why not list jobs done last one first? I always find myself looking for that one…

The problem is that the display looks the same if all I am doing is moving the print on the bed, which I do to keep from using the same area over and over. Thats just one possibility, but everyone has their own workflow. Having this small bit of info just seems like about the most important bit about any print. From an error proofing standpoint it would probably save alot of people alot of resin and time for simple mistakes. Error proofing is key to proper production, and as far as that goes, the more data, the better. Thanks for your reply, you make a good point.

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I find it easy to reprint the last print even when it is successful. I think once you press success, the print should be removed and the next print in queue should show up. I have had to explain this to several staff members, so it isnt just me. Not user friendly.