Ask later for print success

Once a print is done, my Form 2 asks me if the print came out successfully. I used to hit the Success button until I realised thet I would find out about print failure only after cleaning. So the print failure statistic is way off. It would be good if I could indicate per printed object (I often print more than 1 object at a time) if the print went OK. And to be able to do so after cleaning, perhaps in the dashboard rather than in the printer. Formlabs, can this be done? It would supply you also with much more accurate print fail data.
best wishes from Amsterdam! Maarten


@Flutelab look into your dashboard. If you choose on the left side the column “prints” then you can select your printed model again and change the rating between success/failure above the 3D view afterwards as well.

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Thanks! That was well hidden I must say.

Thanks for the feedback! It makes sense that it would be tricky to identify less obvious failures right away and we do have a feature that lets you retroactively change the status of a print. I’ve forwarded this to our Dashboard Team so that we can look into making this functionality more easily accessible.

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Mine doesn’t ask until I open the lid and close it. Usually I have the build plate in the holder at that time so I can see if it was a success or not.