"Print now" just after print?

Back to the topic of interface logic,

As well as it doesn’t make much sense to ask for print failure/success before the cover has been opened, it doesn’t make ANY sense to propose a re-print of the part at that point since that would lead to total chaos.
Also, it doesn’t make much sense to require to press “OK” afer a print has finished : the printer KNOWS that the print is finished, right ?

Here is the sequence I would find more natural :
[Print has finished }
->SCREEN 1 : Display a little kinematic sequence showing the opening of the cover and removal of print platform + option to dismiss and go to screen 3
[User opens cover]
->SCREEN 2 : Display warning that cover is opened + option to dismiss and go to screen 3
[User closes cover]
->SCREEN 3 : Propose to give feedback on print + option to dismiss and go to screen 4
->SCREEN 4 : Propose to delete file OR re-print file + option to dismiss and go to screen 5
->SCREEN 5 : “Ready to print”



I agree that process you documented is mildly annoying; but I’d like to be able to delete a print from the dashboard instead of solely from the printer.

Hi Mjncad,

Annoying, sure, but most certainly counter intuitive and illogocal.
Deleting from the dashboard sounds like a good idea.
The picture of vat clouding found in the dashboard should also be mapped in Preform.

More connected tech ! More !

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Hi Olivier:

I just hit ‘skip’ when the printer asks me to rate my part, and if I feel like it I’ll update the success/failure status from the dashboard. The trouble is that I have a lot of prints I need to update the status on, and that data collection task is low on my priority list.

I like your idea of showing vat clouding in Preform. Preform isn’t bad; but it sure could use more features to make it a robust slicer program. That’s another low priority item on my ‘to do’ list is to post a Preform wish list on this forum.