Print success feedback not requested

I might not be doing things right, being new to the Form 2, but I find that the printer interface hardly ever asks me “Print success feedback”, but still complains that I have deleted a print without giving that feedback.

Here is what happens caught on video :
Steps to reproduce


@Olivier_Suire normally if you don’t delete the job immediately the printer will ask for print success after closing the cover again. This is a nice feature to track your print successes and failures in your dashboard. Afterwards you can also go on and delete your print of course without getting this error message.

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Hi Merlin,

It was not obvious to me that I needed to open and close the lid before deleting the job to get the “Print success feedback” menu.
The interface seems to tell me I’m doing something wrong, but in fact, it could just as well ask me for feedback even though I deleted the job.
Something is a bit clunky here…


Think about it this way. Formlabs could ask you success/failure upon print completion but before opening the lid, but how would you know unless you have opened the lid?

To each their own, but my normal workflow when a print is complete is to first open the cover, remove the build platform and make sure the print came out OK. Then close the cover and work to pry the item off for the alcohol bath. By the time I look back at the printer it is asking me success/failure

Also note that I am not in the habit of deleting my prints unless there is some sort of memory issue. Packrat for life I guess.

Hi there Kevinduhe,

It does make sense indeed to have a close-up view at the print before giving feedback, but what does the deletion of the file have to do with that ?
Why not simply display the warning message that the feedback was not given when the user deletes the file , and propose to give feedback at that moment ?
Why wait for the cover to be openned and closed and then say “It’s sad that you didn’t give feedback” ?

Maybe that’s me being a stickler for life :slight_smile:


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