Option to advance to next job in queue after Success

There should be an option (or straight up change) on the Form2 to automatically advance to the next job in the queue after you hit success. The current UX flow of showing you the just completed job regardless of what you clicked is very non intuitive. It leads to hurried or inexperienced users clicking print and printing the same job again. Unless you are in a production situation i would assume most of use are never printing the same job twice especially back to back.


This has been brought up several times and Formlabs keep saying the machine does display the last uploaded job once the current one is finished… I guess we don’t have the same version of the software :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been thru 3 firmware upgrades this year and none of them do this. My Form2 is about to go back to them due to a failed wiper linear bearing, maybe they can see it first hand then.

I definitely don’t want this especially when I’m doing runs of 20 of the same file.

I have the same issue and I agree wholeheartedly that the printer shouldn’t be asking us if we want to reprint the previous job. Employees WILL accidentally press print again. And I have the latest upgraded form 2 software . How do we change this workflow?


Isn’t the present arrangement there to encourage people to delete the print that has just finished?

Touch the icon at the bottom left of the finish screen and the present job is deleted and the next in the queue is selected.

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That may be so, but the printer also automatically flushed the oldest print if the new one need more space.

i understand we do not all have the same need out of the printer, and really having a little box to tick in the setting allowing us to choose to stay on the last job or display the next would be great. That being said, I think most people would rather see the next job : I also have been producing a lot or similar parts/prints but I more the parts in between prints to distribute wear.