Idle screen on printer

I made a rather large model which I had to split in 2 halves to be able to print. All well. After 14 hrs (or thereabout), part #1 was completed, and I uploaded part #2 to the printer. It looked almost identical to #1, and when the printer file was uploaded, I went to the printer and pressed the print button. Big disappointment next day when I saw that I had printed part #1 once more… I had not deleted the print file from the screen after the last printjob was finished. I thought that when you uploaded a job to the printer, THAT was the file on display… Nope… Rats! 14 more hours to wait, and a lot of resin “gone”…

How about a default idle screen on the printer that kicks in after x minutes, and if you DO want to print an old model that is stored in the printers memory you have to look it up through the menu. And when a print file is uploaded, it usually means you want to print THAT one. Now.

(And also, what’s wrong with black text on white background, instead of grey text? I’m having slight difficulty reading the text I’m writing…)

I did the EXACT same thing last week, sorta. My co-worker was staying late. So I showed her how to remove print #1, put in IPA, etc. I had already sent the 2nd print to the printer, so I told her to then hit success, then hit print because I had already sent #2. Of course we came in the next morning to see that print #1 had printed again.

I guess I needed to tell her to hit success, then back, then click the latest in the list, then print. I would have figured it would have defaulted to the newest print.

We’ve seen this suggestion a few times and I’ve forwarded it on to our software team. I’ve done this once or twice so I always check before starting a print now. It’s possible that some people will have the opposite issue whereas they intend to print the same file and instead print one that’s queued though this might be less common than the issue you’re having. It’s a matter of determining which behavior is the most intuitive for users.

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What if the software team made it an option embedded in the fine tuning screen. Then the end user could decide on the functionality.

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