Suggested Improvement for Form 2 UI

The UI on the Form 2 displays the last printed part, even when someone uploads a new part. You have to go back to the List and select the top one. There have been times where I would just press the button and print the last printed part again. It happens a lot in team environment where someone just got done and other person wanted to print something after the team mate and prints the same part again.


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Good to see this being brought up again. Formlabs keeps saying the printer does display the last uploaded print but it’s obviously not true in all situations.

Agreed. Happened to me a couple of times. Quite frustrating tbh.

Is there any reason you just don’t delete the print that has just finished?

Even in this case it doesn’t always bring up most recently uploaded print as it depends on what you were doing on the machine/screen before.

That’s added work on the user which it shouldn’t be. What if I need to print a certain part quickly again? Should I go to computer and find the PreForm file and send it again which again is not on the top. Wouldn’t it be easier if I could just print it right from the screen.

Oh, good grief.

The printer is not a mind reader, it’s just a dumb machine. It can’t possibly know what file you want to print next unless you tell it. And since you have to be present at the machine to start a new print I don’t see that it is a particularly onerous task to scroll through a list of files to choose the next one to be printed.

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The machine is programmed to prominantly display a file when in between prints. Should it display the file that was just printed or the most recent upload? I think most users are going to print the most recently uploaded file, not repeat a print. It is a simple request and you can disagree and instead want the recently printed file displayed but I don’t see you saying that, you are just whining that it isn’t a problem. No the printer isn’t a mind reader, thanks for excellent insight, however it is assuming that people want to repeat a print and the supporters on this thread are saying that is an incorrect assumption in their experience.

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This happens to us frequently. The machine defaults to the last part printed, not the last part uploaded. We mistakenly print the wrong part often. The solution of backing up in the menu system seems very clunky. A fix would be greatly appreciated.