Success to fail statistics?

Hi everyone having many failed prints with my printer i thought we could all pitch in and create some form of stats to reflect the performance of the machines this will just include ruff estimate of fail vs success prints in general.

i was thinking maybe we state the following :
1 - printer model
2 - resin type,
3 - percent of successful prints vs failed once
4 - also think it will be good to see if the prints are failing at certain height ( for me it fails after 5-7 cm always )

Myself i can count 25 prints with 5 successful attempts only ( Alex from the support team is trying to help me fix it )

please keep in mind that the failed prints happens at many stages of attempts to try to fix the printer.

Thank you

We’re at about 20-30 pieces printed on our new Form2. Not a single failure yet. I’ve found nearly every single failure we had on the Form1+ was either poor geometry positioning, or something obstructing the laser path (smudges on mirrors/tray or particles in the resin)

about 60 prints in the Form1+ gray, black, and clear. All 50 microns, 1 failure with clear. Any other issues were due to dust on the mirrors.
Form2 about 20 prints, black at 25 microns no failures only issue is that at 4.5mm when exposure time changes it will leave a line on prints which can be a problem when you print directly to the platform without supports.

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