Failed Prints. less than 50% success rate

I have been having many issue with printing consistency. When I first received our printer the first couple of prints came out fantastic. But recently I have been having almost all failures. So my issue right now is with a tool handle I am trying to print. For the latest print (Black Objet) I put in a new resin tray(this was the second print using this tray, first came out fine but was smaller object). added new fresh resin from an unopened tub that was well shaken before opening. The issue was that it failed near the end of the print where it got some kind of defect at the prongs. They funny part is it was printed vertical and the other prong which is identical printed just fine. Also you can see the layer start to degrade in quality as it starts to print the prongs. Any help would be much appreciated as this is a project my boss is wanting me to finish up this week.

Completed Print from when first receiving printer. Has some defects but it is workable(printed in same orientation as current"

Current Failed Print(same orientation as original print that worked

Here is the layers as close up as I could get and still have decent quality image.

I tried different orientations before changing tray and material but they all came out much much worse.

Tried to print 2 at the same time yesterday. They failed even worse. failing earlier in the model and both failed at basically the same point. This was again right after a smaller successful print. and was only the 4th print on the resin tray.

I’m sorry to hear that your printer is having some problems. There are a few things that come to mind. A number of people have been reporting good success after cleaning their mirrors. That’s definitely something that you should work on after opening a ticket with our support team. They’ll be able to walk you through the steps necessary, as well as diagnose other issues you may be potentially seeing.

I am sorry that you’re having such irregular prints, but our team will get on the road to printing bliss as soon as they can! The more pictures the better, of course.

For me I found that mixing the resin really well before using is the most crucial. I just received my machine a couple of days ago and first print had a tiny hole, 2nd part had a good size hole. Really mixed up the resin in the tank and 3rd print is really nice. If you look carefully you can see subtle variations in the resin in the tray. This is a good indicator you need to mix it up before printing.
I figured this is the case since my past experience with uv curable liquids always have this issue. I was a screen printer for may years and used to do dry transfers as well and had the same issues back then.

I would think if your model is distorted then it would be the mirrors since the laser is probably refracting. Doesn’t take much to mess up the path of the beam. I have a small CO2 laser and if there is just a little dust or the lens is fogged you can tell because the power needed is increased. I’m sure the Form1 is a little more critical because of the precision needed.

Kind of wish they sold a dust cover for this, nice to keep it protected when not in use.

I’m going to work up a nice little mixer, resin sifter tool, the putty knife is ok but doesn’t mix all that well and a comb is outright messy. Maybe something along the lines of a miniature kitty litter scoop with a nice flat edge.