Mark aborted prints as failed?

Are the “failed” print section and the “print success” rate only tied to printer-induced failure ?

I aborted a print today that was failing due to bad model orientation, and while it doesn’t show in the “successes” section it doesn’t show in the “failed” section either and my “print success” is still 100%.

How to mark this print as failed in the dashboard ?

Thanks in advance

That would be handy to have as I could use that feature too.

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This is a bit of a tricky case. Prints can be aborted for a number of reason some of which are from failures and some of which are from errors like running out of resin. I could see the utility in being able to toggle success or failure for aborted prints and I’ve forwarded this suggestion to our software team.

Thank you for following-up on this Frew. I understand that automatically flagging prints as failed definitely isn’t the solution :wink: But then we already have a prompt asking us about the print after it’s done, I guess a similar prompt after a print has been aborted could solve this issue.

Looking forward to hear what’s the view of your team about this !

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