More info on the home display

I would really like to see more info related to the print on the display. At a minimum there should be an upload time because its impossible to tell which model you are printing when very small modifications have been made (moving the model in the build). If there was a time stamp, it would be possible to know for sure you are printing the latest job or not.

What I end up doing a lot, is uploading again just so I can see the message “Uploading”, then I know its probably the latest, but I need to at least look at that time to make sure. If not, it may not have uploaded the new job (this has happened) but looks correct in the display. I cant print anything unless I first confirm the job uploading with my eyes. Otherwise I risk printing something I dont want to, which has happened. A time stamp would be so helpful.



This is an issue with how you manage the prints. Me for example giving a date in 6 digits at the beginning of every Prfeform printed file and save it, this allowing me to monitor on printed parts by dates. Windows also keeping the date + time of each file that was created so if there is more then one print per day you can look at the time for the files created in a particular day.

As the date is at the beginning of the file, it is much more easyer when looking on part in the dashboard or the machine screen.

Uploading a saved Preform file is as fast as trying to figure out what print to re-print. I’m also using the dashboard “success” “failure” rate so I can monitor on them as well.