See what you have loaded on the printer in dashboard

Would like to be able to see what I have already sent to the printer in dashboard. My printer is located on the other side of my building at work, now granted I get more steps in, but there are days I would like to bring up a screen and see what I have waiting in queue.
Keep up the awesome work!!


Prints will show up in the dashboard after they’ve been uploaded to the machine and started. Are you looking for prints to show up on the dashboard immediately after they’ve been uploaded?

I tend to upload several jobs at once to have them in queue. They do not show up on the dashboard until they are actually running. (unless I am missing something) it would be nice to see a section of “in queue” prints on the dashboard.


What if I have uploaded and completed a print, but it does not show up on my online dashboard? I can find it in the previous print area on the actual printer.