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Queue Visibility and Management in Dashboard

We have a medium sized group of engineers using the Form2. Some work in different buildings adjacent to the printers building. Our printing efficiency is very low as it is difficult to coordinate prints among ourselves without having a global and manipulable, (or at least visible), print queue from the dashboard. When I send my print to the printer I have no way of knowing if my print will be ready to start in hours or weeks unless I am physically at the printer. Our company is very accustomed to coordinating our prints with some other printers we have. If we had this capability, we would assuredly print much more.


We use a simple excel sheet on our server for that purpose. This allows to see the other prints planning and gives the possibility to combine prints.

I have the same issue.

100% I am so disappointed there isnt a print queue thats visable by everyone. we use SFDC to track the activity of prints but was hoping we would have visibility on the formlabs dashboard.