Form Dashboard: Queue Prints

It would be great if I could queue prints from the form dashboard. I have 6 different Form 2’s and its hard to manage with paper or even the onboard queueing system.

Also have the ability to share printers and materials with other users, in dashboard, would be very useful.


If you’re having issues tracking prints/jobs/file take a look at kanbanize. It’s a kanban-style card management solution, very easy to set up and it’s basically made for this : queuing actions, assigning them to people/ressources and managing them un to the finish line. It’s online so it’s easy to access for everyone with a web browser on any system. It also can take semi-automatic actions based on email input, so maybe there’s a way to make that work with the email notification from the dashboard ?

I think this will much better fit what you need than a solution supplied by Formlabs.