Having a "Queue" in Preform

New user here, so maybe this has been mentioned previously. I’d find it helpful
to be able to track uploaded prints by way of having a “queue” in preform… so I can
see what’s loaded to be printed. I know I can go to the machine and see this… but
it would be helpful to be able to access this info as a feature within Preform. I have a
Stratasys FDM printer and am able to do this within the processing software. Shows what parts
are to be printed within that particular build, how long the build is, how much material is being used. Very helpful.
Just a suggestion.

You can look at info on past prints by logging in online, if you have your printer registered.

Yes, but what I’m referring to is having the print queue as part of preform so it can be accessed from your computer in real time while the queue is loaded to see what is printing, what’s coming up to print and all the other info.

This feature is very much needed especially when multiple users are printing, some in different buildings. We would coordinate more efficiently, combine same material print packs, and print more overall if we had this. I know you can use outside tasking software or even a public excel sheet to accomplish most of the same thing, but we’ve found it cumbersome to use a separate system that has to be manually updated and often breaks down when one user doesn’t use it or use it correctly.

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Hi, I have the same request. Implemented in the online dashboard is also OK. We have couple of Forms in two locations so it would be very helpful in tracking what is going to print where. We also have a bunch of Ultimakers and it is very handy to be able to see the printqueue overall and per assigned printer! Thanks for the solution on forehand! Kind regards, Guy, Key 2 3D, Elst Gld, The Netherlands.

Good morning, @GuyJanssen,

We’ve implemented this recently through Dashboard with our new Fleet Control. This allows for remote queueing, printing, and tracking across multiple printers.

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