Offline Prints do not show up in the dashboard

I recently printed 10 different Print Jobs back to back. The first four print jobs do not show up in my dashboard because the printer was “Offline”. I assume my printer went “Offline” because of some sort of network error or reset. May be from a power outage or a network router reboot. I don’t know for sure. In any case. When I logged into the formlabs dashboard It showed the printer as offline. However I was able to use Preform on my computer to upload print jobs and print them. This is the same problem reported by @Drcohenbraces on this Thread. I fixed the Offline problem by unplugging the Cat 5e cable from the back of the printer. Waiting 10 seconds then plugging it back in. After that a refresh on the dashboard showed the printer online and “Ready to Print”. All print jobs that were completed after that were recorded on the dashboard.

I have two feature requests for you.

#1 Please figure out a way to recover from an offline state automatically.
#2 Please make it so a print job that was completed while the printer was offline will still be stored locally on the printer until it can connect to the network and upload the print job to the dashboard.

I would like to have a complete record of all the print jobs I have completed. I use those records when I charge for the print job.

Thank You

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Local storing of print jobs for machines that have previously interfaced with Dashboard is a great idea and I’ve forwarded your suggestion to our team. Automatically attempting network reconnects is interesting as well and we’ll look into methods of better handling disconnects.

For the prints that didn’t upload, you should be able to go into your print queue to get material usage data though this is of course less convenient than having your print history centralized in Dashboard.

I have a support query open on what sounds like the same issue; it has taken a power cycle to get the printer to load one of the jobs to the dashboard having failed to communicate for the rest of the prints. Since power cycling everything seems to be functioning correctly, but I suspect (SWAG) an undefined error being raised by the printer torpedoed the dashboard comms.

I have the same problem and was going to submit a enhancement request but found this one instead. The Dashboard should be able to communicate with each printer and show all jobs stored in the printer to review and select to be added to your dashboard or to the printer, resins, trays, etc. Doesn’t seem like it should be hard since they already talk to each other.

I have a support ticket open exactly for this for my Form 3 and just found the thread.
Sad to have a problem reported 3 years ago… Suggestions as automatic recovery or at least manual synchronising of the local data to dashboard were good though.

Has any of the people here @Mordiev @ESpy @crwalters found a solution?