Dashboard showing printer offline, but jobs load and print fine

My form 2 dashboard is showing that my printer is offline though is most definitely is not because I can send jobs and successfully print. I do not get online tracking, even though requested when the jobs are sent. When I log into the dashboard I get this…

Any suggestions? ( I have rebooted the printer, cleared my browser cache, tried different browsers ((Chrome and Firefox)), standing on one foot and holding my nose…)
Thanks in advance.

Don’t know if this might help, but is the printer firmware up to date?


Yup, all up to date.

I’m having this exact same issue. After booting, dashboard will detect my printer and say it’s online but after awhile it goes offline. Firmware is all updated. Printer is a week old (with other pending issues)

I have the same problem. It was fine when I first got the printer but no it always off Line and also I don’t get sms messages to alert me when prints start an finish.

I have two Form 2’s. The dashboard does not always recognize both of them or gives the wrong info. They both show up but I only get notifications for one. This morning it is showing that one of the printers is online ready to print. It is not!

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