Formlabs Dashboard shows printer offline, but jobs load and print fine

My form 2 dashboard is showing that my printer is offline though is most definitely is not because I can send jobs and successfully print. I’ve tried on chrome on a Windows 10 laptop and on safari on my mobile. When I log into the dashboard I get this…

Bump,. Any help would be much appreciated.

The first thing to try is a traceroute on the dashboard address. Usually, this will happen if there are connectivity problems between your network and Formlabs.

Just tried it with because returned an “unable to resolve target system name”. There were 9 results and none were over 5ms. I also checked with IT to make sure the website wasn’t blocked and the proper ports for the printer were open for communication. I’ve also updated the firmware.

I recently noticed that my printer has been doing the same, only to come back up sometime mid-print.


That sounds like there is something on Formlab’s servers that is causing the problem. Maybe a capacity issue?

So somehow I was able to get it going again. It doesn’t make much sense because I had already tried rebooting it multiple times both connected to and not connected to the ethernet cable. I tried yesterday to register it to my dashboard again and when I clicked the register button it would display a code for a fraction of a second then flash to it’s not connected to the internet even though I can ping it from my computer. So I connected it to wifi from my cell phone that is not on our network at work, but the printer still did not change it’s status. I disconnected it from the ethernet line but left it connected to the wifi network and rebooted the printer. When it came back online I could use the register to dashboard as normal so I reconnected the ethernet line and everything was still functioning correctly so I disconnected it from the wifi and verified it was all still working. Now the dashboard is functioning normally again and I am receiving print status notification texts and emails as normal. I have no idea what small hiccup this fixed, but if anyone else is experiencing the same problem it is worth a try. Thanks everyone for the help.

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