Form2's offline, not collecting data Why isn't there a solution Formlabs?

We have five Formlab2’s all five are accepting jobs and printing (for now). BUT, when we go to the FormLabs dashbord all printers are offline and not showing any data. As a company we rely on this data. All Software is up to date and we cannot get them back “online”. Why cant Formlabs help us out or come up with a solution. As a return customer I’m surprised at Formlabs lack of support. We were thinking of placing a PO for the Form3L in the fall, we’re re-thinking this and looking elsewhere now.

Hey @cirtec,

I’m so sorry to hear you’re having some issues with Dashboard functionality on your Form 2 fleet! That’s not what we want you to go through in order to use your machines.

Have you had the opportunity to reach out to our support team at the link below? That’s the best place to start so we can investigate your specific situation a little more closely and hopefully work with you to find a solution as efficiently as possible.

Forgive me if you’re already communicating with us to get the problem resolved and that process hasn’t been satisfactory, but I didn’t see any recent communications from you to our support team. It’s entirely possible I missed it on my end though!

Apparently we are on the “Enterprise” support with Formlabs since we are a partner customer. so yes I did reach out. Seems many customers are having this same issue and there has been no resolution ? Formlabs has a pretty cool product but with limited support, sure hopes this changes soon.

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