Dashboard Not Showing Current Print

Hi there. My online dashboard seems to be stuck on a print I did a dew days ago. It shows it’s progress at 55% but never moves past that. The actual print itself was finished several prints back and was successful. I’ve done a few prints since then but my Dashboard does not change nor does it update with my new prints. What’s going on? Can it be reset?

Is the printer displaying as ‘offline’ in your dashboard? Power cycling the printer tends to be a good first step for troubleshooting issues like these.

Thanks for advice. Everything is online, I can upload and print like normal. I did power cycle, leaving it unplugged for a minute or so. I finally ended up opening a ticket with support. I hope I don’t have to factory reset. We just got all the X, Y, and Z dialed in.

It turns out the only way to fix this was to have Formlabs reset it on their end. First we tried a factory reset on the printer and re-registering to the dashboard but that didn’t help. Luckily their web guys came through and were able to fix it on their end.

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