Printer random reboot (and Error 41)

Hi All,

I’ve recently just witness an Error 41 after trying to print an Optics Test job (as support thinks I have dirty Galvo mirrors)

The print failed due to a random reboot

Since then all prints fail due to self reboot within 5mins of the print starting…

Anybody else had this?..any suggestions?..i’ve reached out to Support but wait on feedback!

FW = 1.16.7
PreFrom = 2.14.0


I’ve had this error before. Our support team will reach out to you soon with the relevant information to get you up and running again. Often, the issue is resolved by reseating some cable connectors.

The Support team got in touch pretty quick and i’ve reseated the connectors…my first test print (1 x Formlabs butterfly) printed ok…hope this has fixed the issue!..will keep testing

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