Printer not responding windows 10 issue

Thought I would share my issues, may help someone, so I have a form 3 plus and we had a power cut, my windows 10 PC had some issues afetr this which repaired on start up, still had some debug messages, I printed some parts ok and then the form 3 display indicated that the resin tray was exceeding its use, however it was only 7 hours old, Solid print sent me a new one which resolved this, I came to print again and recieved an error message in Preform while uploading the print to the printer, the printer had the upload but said it was aborted. I thought about it and deleted Preform from my PC, restored the PC to a month previous to the power cut and reinstalled preform. That fixed the issue, I guess the PC was at fault in reality and probably cuased the resin tray issue as well. Oh and I di a facory reset on the printer, hope this helps someone.

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