Print sticks to the tank and does not finish

Hello there!

I am starting to learn how to use my form1+ and tried to print this ball in a cage with a twist .

My print did not go really well.
During my first try, the print kept sticking to the tank, hard enough to make the building plate bend, before suddenly unsticking and going on. It printed with a corner of the top facing down.

I noticed a ghosting in the bottom of my tank so I moved the part to a clear area of my tank.

My last try was nearly a success but did not finish either: same as the other one, the print sticked to the tank but I kept it going and it seemed to go OK. However, when it got to the base of the sculpture (which is a solid block), the print failed and I sunk into frustration. It printed with a corner of the solid block facing down.

I am aware my print is unsufficiently cured, would it be from this that I have problems?
Is there a simple solution for that?

I will try to remove this solid block and print it again.

Do you have any advice for me to make my first (ever) successful print?

My part is quite complicated so if you have a kind of calibration part that I can print to check if my printer is working properly, please tell me!

Moreover, my printer was moved (from a place to another) recently and I am not sure it was packed properly, would you have any advice for me to check if everything is working well?

Thanks a lot for your help!


Most of the time the issues with the Form1/1+ are due to dust on the mirrors, clean the big mirror first following the directions in the documentation (though don’t use canned air, it can make things worse)

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