New Form 1+ - Prints not sticking

So I followed the tips on the website, but I’m still having problems getting to get my prints to stick.

I opened a ticket, but I’m impatient (of course) and thought I’d ask for help here as well.

I’ve been trying to print the Eiffel Tower print. I’ve tried both with and without supports. Without supports, only one leg stuck on the platform. With supports (trying to get a larger base surface area) it wouldn’t stick at all. I tried playing around with the platform height but it did not seem to have an effect.

What HAS had an effect is that surfaces closer to the back of the printer tend to stick where if I put the object towards the center or front of the printer, they don’t stick at all.

I’m wondering if this is a printer calibration issue or something I can remedy myself?

Any tips on getting objects to stick better?

One question I have, related to this, is the new Form 1+ tanks do not appear to have the ‘top protective tape’ instead there is a plastic cover. I’m hoping there is not some tape stuck directly to the silicone I don’t know about…

Have you tried lowering your build platform height in fine tuning?

You say you tried playing with the platform height, I assume you mean the Preform setting Craig mentioned? Maybe try emptying that resin tank completely and beginning a print so you can get a really good look at the gap you are dealing with. I believe each resin tank has a liquid silicone poured into it as a final manufacturing step. It’s possible that layer is not level or it is a little low. I imagine it’s more of a tank problem than a printer problem. If adjusting fails, try a new tank.

@JoshK - The one thing that I have had great luck with is giving the PDMS on the bottom of the tray a light scraping before every print. I use the metal scaper that came with the printer and just lightly drag it across the PDMS, making sure to squeegee all the resin out. This allows oxygen to get to the PDMS, which is what allows it to release the cured resin. My description of this process is awful, but search the forums for more about this and you’ll see what I mean.

Good deal, glad that works. I suppose the colorant settles and the first layer is all colorant and almost no resin.

Thanks for the suggestions guys!

I got a test file from customer support. I’m printing it out right now and wouldn’t you know its printing out perfectly on the first try. :smile:

I guess you need quite a bit of support surface area to get these prints to stick. I will keep that in mind. I wish there was a way you could increase the surface area of a support piece to increase its ability to stick. I will send that suggestion when I reply to the customer support person.

I do appreciate the advice here as well. Thanks for helping out a N00B. :smile: