Desperate with my Form 1+

Hi guys…don’t know what more to do…

Tried to print the image, but no way…the rims in the red square never ever stick the build platform, I tried prefine to -10, -20 and nothing, the other rims sticks fine.

Now I tried to make another print taking off the rims that didn’t adhere but now there are other that don’t adhere…so fustrating…here is a video of printer working when try to peel of and the build platform adhere too much to the tank (I know it’s because a couple of rims didn’t adhere…again)

The tank is new, it’s the first print I made on it. The resin is three months old…I’m having this issue since the begining…can be the build platform bended?

Will edit with the video and the final result of printing with failures again and again…

YouTube video

The print has go fine, everything in the platform get stick (I didn’t print the rims in the red square)… but as you can see in the video the pltform sticks so much in the resin tank…now trying to print the rims that are out of the red square with no fine printing to see if the problem is it

Edit… I have print with 0 in Prefine tuning and everything prints, but the platform still sticks in the tank, have I to put a positive tuning??? +.1 or +.2?

Our support team is going to be best suited to help out with this and you can submit a ticket through this form. The center of the tank does tend to be slightly lower than the outer edges and this might be contributing to the adhesion issues you’re noticing. Z fine tuning is a great first troubleshooting step so thanks for iterating with that a bit. For non-adhesion, reducing your Z offset by setting Z fine tuning to a negative value is often most helpful. Iterating downwards by 0.2mm at a time is good practice until parts are adhering normally.

Have you cleaned the mirrors? In my experience with the Form 1+, most printing failures come from dirty mirrors.

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