Print quality significantly drop on side areas of platform

I hope this was due to my bad set up or something, otherwise it’s a huge limit for formlabs2.

The resin and tank are relatively new, they come with the machine last month.
The two prints are printed saparately with exactly the same setting:
same model
both in open mode
blackv3 material
Almost the same support angle(I can’t save preform file due to 32bit, but support are almost the same)
Print next day to each other

the only difference is the one on the left(1) is centered at platform, the one on the right(2) is at the side of platform. you can see my marked up location.


I decided to try on the side because I see from the heat map that the center gets printed a lot more often, so figured why not use the side. theoretically shouldn’t it be better quality to print on less cloudy area?
And I realized this is not the first time, since I have another print located at the side and come out less sharp, but I did not make a comparison then.

I have also read a thread a long time ago, that someone tried to print multiple small parts, and the quality dropped a lot compared to print just one.

If someone can advise that would be greatly appreciated.



Why are you printing in Open Mode? That looks like the tank may need to be replaced or the resin may be too old, or needs to be filtered and mixed well.

Hi Zachary, thanks for you reply.
I have to use open mode because I have cartridge issue that won’t let me print in normal mode (another topic perhaps).
However these two prints are using same resin and tank and print next day to each other, and the left one is acceptable, so I don’t think the resin would justify the difference.

I am having a very similar issue. I printed 56 identical components, a nose cone for a jet aircraft, a cone about 15mm dia, 25mm high, pretty much filled the platform area. There was a small, but significant degradation in model surface quality as the part got further away from the centre. The parts in the middle were smooth and perfectly acceptable, the ones around the periphery were slightly, um, furry, in look. Not much, but enough to make them need a bit of clean up, before use, and thus defeating the whole purpose of building high quality parts!

1st tank, first cartridge of black resin, only about half used; so I don’t think I would accept the machine has been hammered into submission!! Tank has a couple of slight build fade marks, but nothing in the areas around the edges of the tank where the furry models were. In fact I don’t think I’ve actually built anything in those areas until this build. I’m at work right now but will post some pics tonight.

Interested to hear the solution, because I can’t think this is ‘acceptable’…

This doesn’t sound like typical behavior and printing in Open Mode could be the culprit here. There’s sometimes a loss of detail for regions facing the support structures, but quality should remain the same for all regions of the tank. Our support team is going to be best suited to help out with this and a member of our team will be in touch over email to help with troubleshooting.

Can you post up some pictures of the issue you’re running into? It sounds like there could be a few things going on here and pictures will help to diagnose.

wunwinglow, thanks for sharing your experience, I have made a few inspections as support team suggested, I will keep the post updated if we find out the issue. In the mean time if you could share your pic that would be great. Thanks.

Here is a pic of what I mean. The left hand item is pretty smooth, more than acceptable. The others progressively are rougher in surface quality. Unfortunately I removed them from the platform while they were still wet so I don’t know exactly which came from where, but the quality definitely improved towards the middle and the left hand side (looking at the machine as it builds, ie the other side from the resin delivery chute.

Hope this helps identify the issue

Updates to this issue, I have found some finger prints on bottom of my tank, and the optical window is a little dusty, I have cleaned the optical window and switched to a brand new tank/ resin, put one head on center and one on side, printed together, these first two prints came out exceptional, can’t even tell which is on the side. I hope these can last a bit longer, will keep the thread posted.

Interesting. I know the tank is OK, top and bottom, so I will check the mirror.

Mirrors, glass top and tank all spotless …

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