Print failed, error code 41

Started a print today on my Form 2, with Flexible resin in Open Mode (since I only have bottles of flexible resin, no cartridges). It stopped partway through the print and gave me this error code:

What’s it mean? A number without any further information isn’t all that helpful.

I was printing directly on the base. The portion which did get printed looks fine, I’m not sure why it stopped.

That’s quite wild, Richard. We’ll need to look into this more closely to get you an answer. Could you please open a new conversation with support, with these details as well as the current software and firmware version numbers that you are using? Meanwhile, it would also help if you can share some diagnostics, which is fortunately very simple on the printer. Navigate to the settings menu and scroll down to the ‘Upload Diagnostic Logs’ option, then click through the confirmation prompts.

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