Print fail, base delamination

Hi all,

I’m having an interesting issue: midway through printing my part base, the base seems to be delaminating from itself, causing the print to fail. This has happened on 4 consecutive attempts at this part, I’ve adjusted orientation, parameters, cleaned everything, and filtered resin each time.

The first few base layers are adhering to the buildplate. The problem is that a section of the base, after about 0.5mm of thickness has built up, will shear off of the base. It then hangs down as a large flap.

This is interesting to me because the base is separating from itself, while the first few layers remain properly adhered to the buildplate.

Currently I’m lowering the z adjustment incrementally, but I’m not confident that will resolve the issue. If the base weren’t adhering to the buildplate, that would seem more simple to solve.

Here’s my most recent preform setup:

Can you please post a picture of the flap hanging down? What are the Z offset steps you tried? Additionally, after we solve this problem I think you’ll get better print results if you have your part slanted towards the wiper side.

Hi Adrian,

Thanks for your help. I didn’t take pictures of the previous failed prints, but I do have pics of the most recent which just failed.

This time, base and support quality look good, with Z at -0.8mm. The print began to fail as soon as the build reached the body of the part. I should note that I’ve printed this particular part a few times in the past, with no failures until recently.

It looks like the model broke away from the support points, so I increased the support point size to 0.9mm. I also rotated the part 90-deg per your advice. I’ve just started this print.

A few days ago, I received an error message stating that something was interfering with the Z axis and preventing it from moving. I selected ‘ignore error’ and resumed the print (probably a bad choice). The platform moved back down into the tank, and made a knocking sound as it over-compressed the tank. I stopped the print and cleaned everything out. I haven’t gotten this error again, but I haven’t had any successful prints since. Hopefully nothing was damaged; the tank and build platform look fine.

Below are the pics of the most recent print (using preform settings from the screenshot in my previous comment). In the last pic, you can see two strips of the part which stuck to the resin tank:

Hey, just so we’re clear, it should have been a 180 degree rotation but I think this may be a different issue.

You should try tilting the part so only one corner prints at first. Even a small tilt like 15 degrees should make a difference. It looks like you currently have one of the sides parallel to the build platform. This would make the first layer of the part a long thin line that is more susceptible to ripping and sticking to the tank instead of the supports. In Edit Supports mode, you can also go check with the slider on the right side of the Preform window to make sure that supports are attaching to layer 1 sufficiently.

Hey Adrian,

Thanks for your advice. Still struggling with it; over the weekend I did a few more prints. I have two Form 2s; KindGiant is not working, AbundantWolf is working.

Here is my most recent PreForm config:

Here is the 6th failed result from KindGiant:

As I said, I’ve printed this part many times before without issue. So, I moved the build plate, resin tank, wiper, and resin bottle over to my other printer, AbundantWolf. I printed the exact same PreForm file, and the build went great:

Since build plate, tank, resin, and preform file were the same, this tells me that something has gotten screwed up with the printer itself (KindGiant). Unless I’m missing something. Do you have any advice?


You can see that I did switch parts from my original post. These parts are pretty similar, and I’ve printed both of them before. Never had any failures until last week.

Well, I’m glad you got one print out. It’s unusual that the other part is basically nonexistent while the supports look fine, but after all this I think it’s time for you to formally submit a support ticket to our customer care department.

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