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Repeated delamination during print with Durable on Form 3

We are having a lot of issues with delamination/detachment mid print. The parts adhere perfectly fine to the buildplate, but after printing a few millimeters the prints stop adhering to the base of the parts. It is not a singular issue with a single part/section detaching, it happens on all parts/sections across the buildplate at the same time. When printing ~20 different parts, they all fail at the exact same height. And it is not detaching at thin sections, it it can be in the middle of very substantial parts or in the middle of printing the “Full Rafts”. It appears almost like the printer skips or miscalculates the Z height and just start printing in the middle of nothing. There are never any partially attached layers remaining. It is a clean even detachment across the buildplate.

We have had the issue happen 5+ times now when printing with Durable, but not with other resins. Though we have used Durable the most recently, so could be a coincidence that no other resins have failed. We have replaced the tank 3 times. When it fails during printing very large/many parts, it fills the tank with a several millimeter thick layer of cured resin that is hard to remove without damaging the foil etc. During fails with smaller parts we have filtered/strained the resin and cleaned the tank.

It is getting rather expensive to repeatedly replacing the tank, not to mention the loss to productivity. What could be wrong? Anything we can do to prevent this issue?

We have had this same issue. It doesn’t happen every time however, so it is hard to track down the cause. I will be very interested in hearing a solution to this, as we have wasted around 1.5L of resin so far to this issue. For us, the failed parts end up as 3mm thick slices of the part, floating in the resin.

This is standard F3 I presume and not a 3L (new tray version just released). Have you contacted Formlabs and sent the form file for assessment? to check on supports and orientation.
Is it the same object and orientation that is successful with other resins and only fails with Durable?
Have you stepped through the layers in Preform around where the print is failing to make sure there is nothing wrong?