Tough resin delamination issue

When printing a model directly on the build platform, the print fails.
The model has a square solid base of 36 layers.
The first layers adhere to the platform with no issue, but before finishing printing the base, it looks that at some point, the printer only prints the outline of the base, and not the whole area, then prints the whole area again, witch detaches. See picture. The parts that detaches are only attached at the edges, as you can see.
this is before the base completely printed so before layer 36.
The resin used is the tough resin V5.
On the platform, I had a second model, also directly on the platform, and it had the same problem. I printed this model before with clear resin, with no issues.
In the slicer it all looks fine

I have printed a lot of samples directly on the build platform with clear resin with no issue.
Could there be a firmware issue with the tough resin?