Peeling between base enclosed


Has anyone else had a problem where the layers peel apart on the base of the print as shown in my photo below ? Note the photo is only of the base and supports as I’ve already cut away the finished part. We have this problem often and it leads to a bad/distorted print. It appears that the machine prints the first layer or two on the build platform and then the next layer does not attach correctly leaving a gap and peeling away. Each time this happens I find the first layer or two has successfully attached to the aluminium build platform. We use both clear and grey Formlabs liquid and have seen this problem frequently with both. We often stir the liquid between prints to make sure it’s fully mixed and also check that the bottom inside surface of the tray is clear of any hardened resin. The problem is quite random and sometimes we do get perfect prints. Even printing four objects the same in a single print can produce a mixture of good and bad prints. We have two resin trays and have this problem with both. The surfaces of both resin trays are clear and undamaged. Any ideas or suggestions would be very welcome.

Hi Matt,

I had this exact problem with some of my prints and FL support advised me to lower the platform height via the fine tuning tool accessed from the help menu. My printer been returned for repair but I think I lowered it by 0.5mm which sorted out the problem.

Yes I was seeing this too and the fix for me was also lowering the build platform - it is very odd behaviour though, not very intuitive. The original form1 behaved in a much simpler way when the platform was too high - I can only guess it has something to do with the new peel motion of moving the platform down with the tilting vat then up.

I also found that flaky bases often translated into hollowed/holey parts, or complete failures.

I have also had this problem with my prints. I am slated to have my printer sent back to be repaired but I cannot afford the down time at the moment, so I am making it work. There are other issues with my printer to consider, however I have been seeing this issue pop up so I wanted to share my experience. Formlabs also suggested that I lower my platform after I had been having this problem for a while. when I did the problem got worse, and prints were extremely difficult to take off the platform as well as destroyed the pmds on a brand new resin tank in one print. I have backed off my platform height all the way to -.4, and have been getting successful prints that come off the platform correctly. Please return and let us know what worked for you!

This problem comes and goes with me. I have not done anything to correct it though.

Thank you for your replies. I have lowered the build platform by 0.5mm in the fine tuning page and have since done two more print runs. Both printed perfectly so I’m quite confident that the problem has been solved although it’ll be another week or two before I can be 100% sure. Will report if I do still have a problem but fingers crossed it’s fixed. Many thanks.