Preform won't fix model/ model too small

Every time I try to upload my model into preform it says there is a problem with the mesh. It then asked if I want it to try repairing it, I say go for it but nothing happens. I thought maybe it just needed time to do its thing because my model is pretty high poly but it’s been 30 min and still nothing. The program isn’t unresponsive and nothing has popped up. Does this mean it can’t fix it? I’m very confused… I thought it would at least tell me it can’t do it.

If I tell it to ignore the issue it says the model is too small? This is also odd because I made sure it was the right size in 3ds Max before sending it to preform…

If preform can’t fix it what can I do?

Check it manually with Netfabb, either the cloud version or the free/basic one and see if it can tell you any more. Might not be a watertight mesh, could be units assumptions…

I have this issue on a Win7 box with complex models. Click repair and nothing ever happens. It’s a pretty beefy machine I7 with 32 gigs of RAM. The same model will repair just fine on an OSX Mac Pro box.

I believe there’s a limit to what the Win box will accept, but don’t know if it’s the number or quality of the defects, or the absolute poly count.

. I reported this to Formlabs months ago, but dropped it after a while with no resolution, since I have the OSX alternative for those models.

Thanks, I’m downloading netfabb now. I really hope it helps.

Well netfabb says I have 0 bad edges and that my surface is closed and is orientable… So I have no idea what is wrong.

I emailed back and forth with someone from the support team and found out the model was just excessively high poly. lowering the poly count fixed the problem :slight_smile:

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