Preform window won't resize to fit screen

Preform 3.4.3 (and earlier versions as well) will not resize to fit the vertical resolution of my screen, which is set to 1920x1080. The minimum window size for Preform seems to be 2070x1264. This results in the bottom part of the window being cut off and inaccessible, leaving the bottom of the slicer slider out of view.

preform.pdf (266.4 KB)

No issues here @1920x1080, everything fits fine.

I’m running windows 7 on a Lenovo laptop with Intel HD Graphics. The resolution of the built in display and external monitor can be set to 1920x1080 or less…

I’m using Win 10 Pro on a Dell Precision M6800 with Intel HD 4600 Graphics and nVidia Quadro K3100M adapters. I would suspect that Preform isn’t supported on Windows 7 but that’s not to say that’s the reason for your problem. It seems strange that you’re unable to resize the window any smaller. Are you running the latest driver?

The Preform download page says Windows 7 and up is required. I’ve upgraded drivers for all graphics cards: Intel HD Graphic 5500, and AMD Radeon.

There has been no positive change in the behavior of Preform. One negative change is Preform dropdown menus for File Edit View & Help are only visible on the laptops primary monitor. When i move the window to my external monitor - a Samsung digital TV connected with an HDMI cable - the dropdown menus are not visible.

Ah, fair enough, I must admit it was only an assumption regarding Win 7 not being supported. I don’t run two monitors so I can’t test that here I’m afraid.

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