PreForm 2.11.3 bugs on Windows 10

I’m new to the Form 2 and PreForm. I’m having a couple of problems that make PreForm unusable. One bug is that dialog boxes are displayed with buttons underneath the Windows task bar, so I cannot click on them. For example,

If I try to resize the PreForm window so that I can get to the buttons, the PreForm window does not resize correctly. It minimizes to the task bar, and will not restore when I click on its icon in the task bar. The only thing I can do at that point is to Cancel PreForm from the Windows Task Manager.

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Try Changing your screen resolution. Mine is 1920x1080. Right click on desktop and select screen res.
Mine is fine, but this is a common problem with windows over the years. Also if that does not work check for video card driver updates.

I tried changing the resolution from 1920 x 1080 to 1680 x 1050. It didn’t fix the problem.

I haven’t updated the video driver. It is what was on my PC when I bought it last year: Intel HD Graphics 620 I haven’t had any problems with it while using it with many graphics intensive applications.

You need to set the Taskbar so it is not “always on top” and then the PreForm window will overlay the taskbar when you go full screen with PreForm.

If you enable the taskbar auto-hide, that’ll work too. In this case the taskbar will roll down it is no longer visible. When you drag the mouse to the bottom of the screen the taskbar will pop back up.

This is not a PreForm bug. It’s a Windows “feature”.

I tried setting the taskbar so that it is not “always on top”. That did not fix the problem. I also tried autohide. That didn’t fix the problem either. PreForm still doesn’t work. In any case, none of my other applications has a problem with “always on top”.

I did find a work around. In the Windows “Customize your display”, I changed the size of text and apps from the recommended 150% to 100%. That makes everything hard to read on my screen. PreForm should work whatever that option is set to. All of my other apps do.

Have you re-installed it yet? I found that fixed my minor issue. Also, Intel is known to have a lot of bugs lately that they are working to resolve. They are affecting various programs which is what may be happening.

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