PreForm 2.10.0 window can't be resized and other bugs

Made the mistake of updating to the latest and greatest Preform and My menu’s are cut off on my screen and I can’t resize the window.

Set the print up for my material and layer thickness, ported the form file over to my laptop to rip it to printer and it lost it’s layer thickness options in the file. I had set it to 50µ and laptop started printing at 200µ (that was the last setting I happened to have on the laptop.
I only noticed this because the print time seemed too short and I was unable to see the menu or progress bar on the bottom.
The print dialog seems to be missing layer thickness value that is being sent to the printer.

I cancelled the print and noticed there ware globs in the resin that I had to pick out, hopefully it is only from the cancelled print and not a changed exposure. I had to re-import my models and redo the supports because I could not for the life of me figure out how to change the layer thickness option on that file and ended up creating a new file.

Is there a place I can download the previous version?

with thanks to @MattiaMercante

Mine started off the top of the screen after update. Its a pain cause you can’t get to the top of the window to drag it, you have to press ALT SPACE select move, and do it using the cursors.

Hi, thanks for reporting that PreForm isn’t appearing correctly on your computer. With visual issues like these, it would be helpful if you could post a screen shot or photo of your screen.

We’re working on a solution to PreForm starting off-screen in some cases. In the mean time, try grabbing a corner of the window and dragging to resize—this might make the window jump back on screen.


Simple bug, when the window is maximized it doesn’t look to see what the desktop resolution is. Most programs the Desktop Resolution should be the Window size.

I am curious why I don’t seem to see the summery of settings on the print menu.

Next time around I’ll post pics.

Nessa versão estou teno problemas com 2 .10.0 não esta comunicando com a impressora quando vai fazer a transmissão do arquivo mais alguém com esse mesmo problema ?

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