Please make PreForm compatible with VirtualBox (v0.9.0 needs fixes)

I updated to PreForm 0.9.0 on the first day it was released.   The new support system is nice and I really like the software in a Windows environment.  Unfortunately it is even less compatible with VirtualBox than the 0.8.x versions were.  The big problem is that the small pop-up windows for print resolution and material selection do not show up at all and I have to blindly hit enter a few times before I able to access any menus to load a file.  I will try using advanced mode to save the materials to the .form files I save but the initial pop-up windows for the blank project that is created on start up will still be a problem.  Maybe a preference that can be set to turn off the pop-up window would suffice.  I was already used to going to the menu to set print material and thickness anyway.



Hello Tom – thanks for the feedback. At the moment, we’re focussing on making our core products work as well as possible on their intended platforms. As our team grows, we’ll work on providing better support across platforms, but right now, we’re still adding features and expanding our capabilities. Keep pushing the software, though, and we’ll do our best.